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An Outline of Thomas Hardy

In Thomas Hardy’s play, Nature plays an important part. Nature is herself a  character and Hardy’s scenes are set in (Wessex) among trees, farms, fields and low Hills. Hardy believed that the past has built up a mass of conditions which remain to influence people’s lives and I also thought that blind chance has a very important effect. The best way of life is therefore to accept calmly the blows of luck. His famous novels, spread over the years 1870-96 are mostly pictures of human beings struggling against fate or chance or luck. 

                    His best and most significant work is Far From The Madding Crowd written in 1874. He explains in this novel a patient love on one side and selfish passion on another side. Gabriel Oak, a gentleman or a shepherd, loves blindly Bathsheba Everdene from the bottom of  heart. He serves her for many years with true heart and mind. But in between the situation has been changed,a Sargent Try,an attractive; but cruel soldier marries her and treats her badly. He is murdered by an Angry farmer and after many troubles,she has decided to marry Oak, another sad story of love affairs and jealousy is in The  Return of The Native written in 1878 by Hardy. 

His another work The Mayor of Casterbridge written in 1886 in that Noval, Michael Henchard, while he is drunk,in that state of mind, sells his wife and children for a few pounds, later realising what he has done; he decides not to touch a strong drink for 20 years. He works hard,  becomes rich and is made mayor of the Casterbridge, after 18 years his wife returns to him but that is not the end of their troubles, Henchard is ruined and starts drinking again.  He dies miserably.

                                       His last novel Jude the Obscure written in 1896,is extremely miserable and it may be true that He turns to poetry to escape from such terrible products of his imagination.  Jude is a poor stone worker who wants to educate himself and he has a fine spirit ,has little control of his passions and he does not learn much of it  because his fate is against him totally.  His marriage is a failure that is another big and vital accident in his life and then he falls in love with a clever teacher. Again sorrow falls there in his life , their children die due to less care then Jude begins to drink and dies unhappily in his life.

                 He also wrote a few novels of a different kind, in these novels, you can find out different ideologies of him, his novels of romance include A Pair of Blue Eyes written in 1873 and The Disparate Remedies written in 1871 and The Trumpet Major written in 1880.  It depends for its effect on surprise and mastery over fate and luck.

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