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There are many students across the world who face difficulties to gather information about English Literature and current topics. I regularly share critical notes and different important articles with new ideas to the readers.I hope, almost articles are more useful for the students of UG,PG,SET,NET,BPSC,UPSC and all study lovers across the world, prepared by Dr.R K Rajesh. We also provide quality education for children through Gurukulam (A Unit of Dr.R R Foundation)

Short Summary of The Guide by R K Narayan

This is a novel written by R K Narayan in 1958. This is his most popular novel among readers across the country. This is plot summary of The Guide. The protagonist, Raju, who is nicknamed “Railway Raju”, is characterised as being a corrupt man and popular tour guide. In the story, he falls in love with

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Objective of Language

1.) What is linguistics? 2.) Who is considered the founder of modern linguistics? -> Noam Chomsky. 3. What is phonetics? 4.) What does syntax focus on in linguistics? 5.) What is morphology? 6.) What is semantics? 7.) Define phonology. 8.) What is psycholinguistics? 9.) Who proposed the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis?

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The Restoration Period (1660-1700)

After the Restoration in 1660, when Charles II came to the throne, there was a complete repudiation of the Puritan ideals and way of living. In English literature the period from 1660 to 1700 is called the period of Restoration, because monarchy was restored in England, and Charles II, the son of Charles I who

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The Vertical Ladder (UG-2)

The story” The Vertical Ladder” is a compassionate and virtuous creation of William Sansom. This story shows the courage of a young man whose name is Flegg,who wants to impress a beautiful girl among the group of boys. He attempts to climb a vertical ladder on an old gasometre a storage tower in a deserted

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She Was A Phantom of Delight

This poem has been composed by William Wordsworth in 1804. He was one of the best poets of Romantic Age. He wants to describe his own feeling for his lovely wife. This poem is a beautiful tribute to the poet’s wife(Mary Hutchinson). “She was a phantom of delight, When first she gleamed upon my sight;A

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Sweetest Love I Do Not Goe by John Donne

This poem has been written by John Donne when he was going to leave Germany. He addressed his beloved wife who was very sad. He wants to make understand his wife that he is not going away because he is sick of hers or he is leaving her because he has found a more beautiful

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Mastering College Essay Writing: A Comprehensive Guide

Undertaking the challenge of writing a college essay may seem daunting. This crucial component of the application process bears significant importance. Many students find themselves under pressure to craft a unique and exceptional piece. However, fear not! This guide is dedicated to offering you extensive assistance in writing a college essay, aiming to demystify the process and make it less complicated.

Why Writing a College Essay Matters

Before embarking on practical advice, it’s essential to grasp the significance of writing a college essay. While your academic record, test scores, achievements, and extracurriculars offer an overview of your student profile, the college essay lets you express your unique individuality. It sheds light on your personality traits, experiences, viewpoints, and the value you might add to the college community.

Step 1: Deciphering the Prompt

The initial stage in writing a college essay involves a complete understanding of the given prompt. Colleges often provide prompts or questions which they expect applicants to address. Carefully reading these prompts is crucial to fully comprehend what is expected of you.

Step 2: Generating Ideas and Choosing a Topic

Once you’ve grasped the prompt, the next phase involves brainstorming. This stage enables you to conceive several ideas, allowing you to select the one that best aligns with the prompt and effectively represents your personality or experiences. Your essay doesn’t have to center around a dramatic incident or accomplishment. Often, the most impactful essays derive from personal, rather than grandiose experiences.

Step 3: Constructing an Outline

Outlining your essay is a fundamental step in the writing process. It helps you to organize your thoughts, resulting in a clear and well-arranged essay. Break down your essay into an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each body paragraph should focus on a single key idea or story, all working together to support your central point or theme.

Step 4: Writing and Polishing

Start writing your essay based on the prepared outline. Don’t aim for perfection in your first draft. The primary goal at this stage is to pen down your thoughts and ideas. Once your first draft is ready, begin the revision and editing process. This step allows you to refine your essay, rectify any grammatical errors, and ensure a smooth flow to your narrative.

Step 5: Gathering Feedback

Finally, have someone else critique your essay. This could be a teacher, a parent, or a friend. They can offer a fresh viewpoint and identify any mistakes you might have overlooked.

Opting for Professional Aid

If the task still seems insurmountable, don’t fret. You’re not alone, and professional support is readily available. You can turn to the best college essay writing services for guidance through the process. These services can provide professional advice and support, helping to mitigate some of the stress and pressure.

In conclusion, writing a college essay may appear formidable, but it doesn’t have to be. With proper planning, patience, and perseverance, you can create an essay that truly mirrors you and your journey. Remember, the essay is an opportunity to highlight your unique persona beyond academic achievements. So, let your unique voice echo loud and clear.